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Lisa Peternel Cybersecurity

One of the great truisms of life is that in problems and progress, good and evil often go hand in hand. Whenever there is an advancement that might benefit humanity, there are always those who are willing to exploit it to make our lot worse. Thankfully, however, there are also those who are dedicated to protecting the rest of us and making sure that these new advancements are a net positive.

Such is the case with the online world. The Internet has opened up a world of new opportunities. Unfortunately, some of those new opportunities have come for hackers, thieves, and would-be criminals. You don’t want to fall prey to the latest forms of cybercrime. Cybersecurity has become a necessity for ensuring that you remain safe while browsing, buying, socializing, and doing business online.

What Cybersecurity Guards Against

Some of the most common types of cyberattacks include:

  • Hacking, accessing, corrupting, or tampering with data
  • Targeting sensitive systems and stealing data such as financial information
  • Attacking systems in such a way as to interfere with a company’s ability to do business
  • Ransomware and malware attacks

How Cybersecurity Can Protect You

Cybersecurity measures are thus essential from preventing your personal or professional computer and data from being hacked or corrupted. One model popular with cybersecurity experts right now is CIA:

  • Confidentiality: You need to make sure that your most sensitive data is confidential and secure. Strong passwords and keeping your most sensitive information as private as possible are essential here.
  • Integrity: Make sure that any sites or services you engage online are on the up and up. If a service or email seems fishy (or phish-y), avoid it as it’s not worth risking your computer’s health or your data’s security.
  • Availability: Be careful about what information you make available and to whom.

In addition, anti-virus and other cybersecurity programs are a must.

When it comes to cybersecurity, half measures can be a full-blown failure. Take this opportunity to make sure that you are practicing safe browsing, protect your data, and upgrade your systems with quality cybersecurity programs.